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 Wednesday, May 29  |  1pm – 2pm EST  Registration Required



Information Systems: It’s Not All About the Technology, It’s About the Process

Presented by Eric Russell, CIA, CGAP, CGMS, MPA, Crowe LLP
and Emy Neuman-Javornik, CPA, CGMS, Emy Neuman PLLC


As the need for organizations to capture more real time data grows, the importance of internal controls over data accuracy and completeness expands.  Grants managers and financial managers are continuing to seek ways to leverage technology to assist with required reporting, grant accounting, data security, and workflow.  During this session, we will discuss the systems procurement, evaluation, and requirements gathering processes – including risks and benefits, integration, and automation.  We will also discuss approaches to monitor data quality to ensure information that your organization depends on is valid, complete, timely and accurate.   We will provide real life examples of how organizations in the grants community are progressively managing systems to meet organizational needs when it comes to grants management, reporting and compliance.


  Wednesday, June 26  |  1pm – 2pm EST  Registration Required



President’s Management Agenda - More Than Goal 8

Presented by Karen Norris, Principal, kanoco


Just when you thought you were finally keeping up with the many regulations that govern grants, there’s another ball to juggle. In addition to the uniform guidance, the federal agency regulation, and the program statute, among other requirements, now there’s the President’s Management Agenda (PMA). We knew that PMA Goal #8 related to grants, but there are other PMA goals that deeply impact how we manage grants. It appears 2019 will be a busy year. We need a bigger basket for those balls.



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