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NGMA’s monthly webinars feature presentations from top subject matter experts and thought leaders in the grants management community. Each webinar offers key takeaways, tips and strategies on issues impacting grants management professionals. 

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  Recent Webinars



(January) Maximizing Recovery on Your Grants by Leveraging Indirect Cost
Presented by  Nicolie Lettini, Cherry Bekaert

As the diversity of public sector and non-profit services increase, the true cost of delivering a service becomes increasingly opaque. This blurring of costs across different programs is not due to lack of proper planning and budgeting, but the uncertainty of indirect costs and how to apply it. This session discusses the problems, solutions and outcomes to realize the true cost of service needed. By leveraging indirect cost, true costs can be fully understood.



(December) Making Sense of your Data: How Grantmaking Intelligence and Impact Measurement Help Improve Decision-Making
Presented by Muhammad Siddiqui, Fluxx and Drew Payne, Upmetrics

Grants management involves massive amounts of data that needs to be collected, reviewed and analyzed in order to achieve the grantmaking organization’s mission. Without an effective way to organize and visualize the data, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do the wrangling necessary to take meaningful steps forward. This presentation provides guidance and best practices on outlining data objectives; selecting the right metrics to track; organizing and visualizing data; benchmarking impact and taking action; and pulling all these actions together.


(November) Federal Audit Clearinghouse
Presented by Matt Jadud, U.S. General Services Administration

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) supported the transition of the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) from Census to GSA on October 1, 2023. As of this date, all Single Audits must be made through the new FAC hosted by GSA, including all single audits for entities with 2023 FYE dates. This webinar demonstrates the new, streamlined system, provides information on changes and updates to the FAC submission process, and includes a Q&A session.


(September) Don't Become Another Finding:
Common Single Audit Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Presented by Claire Hilleary and Ariel Lybarger, Moss Adams

Whether your organization has gone through several single audits or this is your first one, there are critical steps your organization can take to prepare. We will discuss the single audit approach, common pitfalls you can avoid and strategies you can use to set up your organization for success. Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways


(August) Subrecipient Monitoring: Managing Risk in the Real World
Presented by Lucy Morgan, MyFedTrainer, LLC and Rachel Werner, RBW Strategy, LLC

Are you taking the plunge with subrecipients and federal awards? Discover how you can confidently identify, assess, and monitor subrecipients with practical tips for managing risk and avoiding pitfalls. Subrecipient monitoring is a common audit finding and a huge compliance risk. With so much federal funding flowing, ensure you have the resources, awareness, and expertise for managing subrecipients. Explore critical considerations and the best practices for monitoring and managing these unique partnerships.


(July) Procurement  Committees Under Federal Awards: Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Efficiency
Presented by Dan Durst, Managing Director and Sly Atayee, Senior Manager, BDO

This session will inform you on the best practices for setting up procurement committees (e.g., structure, personnel, documentation), help you prioritize compliance while maximizing efficiency, and provide a clear understanding of purchasing rules under 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance and when committees should be used. 
Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways


(June) Preparing for Post Award – What You Need to Know
Presented by D’Laun Oubre and Kristen Krey, Kim Joyce & Associates, LLC

You got the grant! What happens next? In this discussion on best practices in post-award grant management, we will help you ensure you have answers to the following questions: 

  • What reporting deadlines are due in the next 30 days?
  • How do you request reimbursements from the funding agency?
  • Are you in compliance with all the grant rules and regulations?
  • Where do you send all the required reports? Who signs them?
  • Do you have to competitively bid the work?
  • What do you do with all those documents related to grants funding?
Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways


(May) How Can We Develop Grants Management Capabilities to Sustainably Deliver Long-Term Impact? 
Presented by Greg Kowalski, Ranjana Ramchandran, Ernst & Young LLP & Shamiah Kerney, Mayor's Office of Recovery Programs (Baltimore)

The recent surge in government-wide grants spending enables agencies to develop a portfolio of programs funded from different federal, state, and local sources. This provides a unique opportunity for entities to implement outcome-based management of programs to enhance optimization of funds, effective program design, and collective achievement of policy objectives. Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways


(March) Creating a Risk-Based Monitoring System
Presented by Tiffany Kesslar, Esq., CGMS and Madelaine Cleghorn, Esq., The Bruman Group, PLLC

Risk- it's not just a fun board game! Pass-through entities must evaluate each subrecipient's risk of noncompliance. In addition, all grant recipients must evaluate and monitor their own compliance, which includes an analysis of internal risks that could prevent compliance under a grant award. The difficulty is that many non-federal entities do not know what that risk assessment should look like or how it could assist in the determination of those top compliance concerns or issues. This session will discuss the top areas of noncompliance, the general protocols of a risk assessment and walk through an actual risk assessment tool. We will conclude with what to do when you have an entity that is of higher risk. 
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(February) An Overview of What It Means to Be Title VI Ready and How An Equity Strategy Will Help You Best Compete For Federal Funding
Presented by Mitzi McMahan and Jason Mistlebauer, Witt O’Brien’s 

This webinar provides a high-level overview of Title VI (nondiscrimination based on race, color, national origin) requirements for federal funding recipients and review strategies to ensure your organization is compliant and best positioned to be competitive for future federal funding. 
Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways


(January) Panel Discussion: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Implementing a Grants Management Solution
Presented by Kajal Patel, Director, Guidehouse and Steve Thompson, Chief of Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Director, State of Rhode Island Grant Management Office
Moderator: Katie Kirstein, Associate Director, Guidehouse

The grants management process can be confusing and challenging at times but finding the right grants management solution can streamline the process and improve efficiencies in all phases of the grant lifecycle. Hear best practices on key items to consider when implementing a grants management system and lessons learned from a state entity that recently completed a full implementation of a new system. 



(December) What Do You Need in Your Grant Procurement Solicitations to Ensure Your Procurement is "Finding Proof"? 
Presented by Mara Ash, BFS Strategic Partners
Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways 

(November) HUD Allocations to the Rescue: Planning for the Use of Home Investment Partnerships American Rescue Plan Program (HOME-ARP) Funds to Help Reduce Homelessness
Presented by Monique M. Caston, Baker Tilly  and Baron J. Bell, Community Development Experts

(September) Plain Writing for Grants Professionals
Presented by Heather Murphy-Capps, Graduate School USA
Read blog entry on key webinar takeaways

(August) An Overview of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Its Buy America Requirements
Presented by Suzanne Sumner and Brandon Dobyns, Taft Law

(July) Closeouts are Coming… Be Prepared!
Presented by Alexander Ro, Inga Paredez and Demi Kahede, Guidehouse

(June) Single Audit 101 for Grants Managers - Understanding Audit Terms & How Findings Impact Your Grants Management
Presented by Sarah Hluchan and Tom Devine, Management Concepts

(May) Indirect Cost and Federal Stimulus/Grant Funding: What You Need to Know
Presented by Kimberly Konczak, HdL Companies and Nicolie Lettini, eCivis

(March) Key Grant Management Considerations for Recipients of ARPA Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds
Presented by Phillip A. Escoriaza, Senior Counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP 

(February) What Grants Managers Need to Know about the Evidence-Based Policy Making Act
Presented by Justin Baer, PhD, Fors Marsh Group 

(January) Grant Pro-isms: Catchy, Succinct and Clever Ways to Explain Grants
Presented by Johna Rodgers, GPC, Johna Rodgers Consulting






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