Strategic Framework

  Strategic Goal #1


NGMA will elevate the vital role of grants management professionals in stewardship of grant funds and will promote the profession to future professionals
and stakeholders.

  • Communicate clear definitions of the grants manager roles, skillsets, educational backgrounds and other key attributes.

  • Increase the amount of information about the grants management profession in widely accessible public sources.

  • Improve awareness of NGMA to professionals who have partial roles in grants management.

  • Develop tools for NGMA members to use in educating colleagues on the importance of grants management and compliance.

   Strategic Goal #2

NGMA will continue to support the overall level of competency of grants management professionals by offering diversified, affordable educational and online resources targeted to their career level and sector.

  • Develop a catalog of courses and resources designed to address the needs of members in every phase of their careers (early, mid-career, experienced).

  • Define grants management competencies to help current professionals better identify their gaps in knowledge.

  • Leverage the strengths of successful existing NGMA programs (i.e., webinars, GMBoK, AGT, Community Forum) to expand educational offerings.

  • Explore the use of new educational platforms and formats that appeal to the next generation of grants managers.

  • Expand opportunities for both in-person and online sharing of best practices and templates among sector groups.

  • Assist new grant professionals in understanding the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200).

  Strategic Goal #3

NGMA will assist its members in navigating significant changes in the federal compliance landscape to reduce confusion and improve the overall
administration of funds.

  • Provide timely information that addresses new or upcoming changes to federal grant-related statues, regulations, programs and guidance.

  • Work with federal partners on efforts to streamline communications to the grants community on compliance changes/updates.

  Strategic Goal #4

The Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) will be recognized as the premier credential by grant management professionals, employers, and funders.

  • Complete accreditation of the CGMS, with a dedication to consistent high-level administration of the program, to enhance the credibility of the credential throughout the grants industry.

  • Improve awareness of the CGMS among employers and funders as a tool to clearly identify grants management peers and job candidates that have a proven minimum level of grants management expertise.

  • Define the benefit of the CGMS to grant professionals in both professional development and career advancement.

  • Build compliance mechanisms for the CGMS Code of Ethics that illustrates NGMA’s commitment to integrity.

  Strategic Goal #5

NGMA will cultivate cooperative relationships with industry partners to improve the environment for success for its members.

  • Utilize the expertise of industry partners, including CAPP Partners, to develop affordable educational programming.

  • Work with industry partners and associations to communicate the value of grants management and the complexities of compliance to stakeholders (employers, funders, etc.).

  • Foster an environment of shared responsibility with educational partners to raise the level of competency in grants management focused on providing accurate and timely information.