NGMA Chapters are a Great Way to Stay Connected!

We encourage all NGMA members to JOIN OR CREATE A CHAPTER as you explore hot topics and network with other grant professionals in your area.

For more information on NGMA chapters or if you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please contact Kelli Klepic, Chapter Manager, at [email protected] or 202-997-9982.

  Upcoming Chapter Meetings and Networking Events
  South Florida Networking Event  |  Thursday, August 16  |  4:30 pm - 6:30 pm  
  Chicago Chapter Meeting  |  Wednesday, August 22  |  12 pm - 2 pm  
  Bold North Chapter Meeting  |  Wednesday, August 29  
  Atlanta Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Wednesday, September 12  |  11 am - 1:30 pm  
  Colorado/Wyoming Chapter Meeting  |  Wednesday, September 19  |  9 am - 11:30 am  
  Northern California Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Tuesday, September 25  
  Austin Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Tuesday, October 2  
  Springfield, IL Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Tuesday, October, 23
  Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Tuesday, November 27  
  Oklahoma Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Thursday, November 29  
  Colorado/Wyoming Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Wednesday, December 5  
  South Florida Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Friday, December 7  
  Puerto Rico Chapter: nVision with NGMA  |  Tuesday, December 11


NGMA Chapters and Contacts

Nicole Harris & Kathy Kreger

Elisa Gleeson, CGMS

Bold North (MN, ND, SD, WI)
Jeanne Brino Wendy Dewell, CGMS & Michelle Gellerman

Capital Area (DC/MD/VA)
Tawanda Davis & Ida Jones

Jason Bell

Philip Courtright

Stacey Alles
Gina Salazar

Stacie Massey & Michael Miller

Dallas/Fort Worth
Peter James

Kimberly House

Carrie Swisher

Vicki Hiestand, CGMS

Northern California
Sacramento and surrounding area)
R Marie BernalErin Castleberry, CGMS

Melissa Edgar, CGMS Tanya Johnson

Bill Higgins

Puerto Rico
Carmen Torres

Lynn McKiernan Ngari, CGMS Stacey Norman, CGMS

South Florida
(Fort Lauderdale and surrounding area)
Sharon Jackson Alan Tiano, CGMS

Southern California
(Los Angeles surrounding area)
Tatiana Alvarez & Rochelle McLaurin

(Tampa and surrounding area)
Patrick Ballinger Helen Gornes