Chapters Represent the Grassroots of NGMA!

When you join NGMA, you are automatically enrolled in your local chapter. As a chapter member, you will be notified of upcoming chapter meetings and events. Chapter meetings play an important role in fulfilling our association’s mission by educating and connecting members. They provide targeted education presentations, local issue updates, virtual and in-person networking opportunities and more!

Connect with Other Chapter Members

Connect with your chapter members in the following ways:

NGMA Community Forum -  Log in to get started. In the Forum, you are automatically added to the chapter listed in your NGMA member profile. Find your chapter in the Groups menu option and start connecting with your fellow chapter members!

NGMA Calendar - View the NGMA Calendar to find upcoming virtual or in-person chapter events.

NGMA Chapters and Contacts

Kellie Russell, Chair
Shelby Holman, Vice-Chair

Dianara Bernard, Membership Chair

Capital Area (DC/MD/VA)
Jack Reagan, Chair
Alexina Jeannite, Vice-Chair
Sly Atayee, Communications Chair
Sandra Swab, Membership Chair

Gina Salazar, Chair
TobieLeigh Gallegos, Vice-Chair
Toni Townsend, Communications Chair
Sarah Nielsen, Membership Chair

Dallas/Fort Worth
William Crosby, Chair
Adrian Silva, Vice-Chair
Tiffani Herendeen, Communications Chair
Chris Lawson, Membership Chair

Richard Interrante, Chair
Valerie Anderson Stallworth, Vice-Chair
Desiree Gorman, Communications Chair
Julie Dowe, Membership Chair

April Odell, Chair
Shannon Teasley-McNichols, Vice-Chair
Megan Otto, Communications Chair

Luci Correa, Membership Chair

Jocelyn Fykes, Chair
Joy Colligan, Vice-Chair

Susan Durham, Communications Chair
Brandy Loman, Membership Chair

New York/New Jersey
Joseph Simon, Chair
Eulises Roman, Vice-Chair
Anjali Thanawala, Membership

Northern California
Amanda Bouillerce, Chair
Chelsea Woodworth,
Aleena Decker, Membership Chair

LaShawn Capito, Chair
Sonya Hickman, Vice-Chair
Tracy Francescone, Communications Chair
Razika Bouziani, Membership Chair

Pacific Northwest (PNW)
(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska & Hawaii)
Wendi Gephart, Chair
Jennifer Keller, Vice-Chair
Barb Gorzinski, Membership Chair
Lori Guerrero, Communications Chair

Puerto Rico
L. Joel Sepúlveda Rivera, Chair
Lourdes Domenech, Communications Chair
Stephanie Wade, Membership Chair

Southern California
(Los Angeles & surrounding area)
Shalini Vora, Chair
Janice Eisma, Vice Chair
Anthony Felix, Communications Chair
Kimberly Morones, Membership Chair

Springfield, IL
Lisa Stinson, Chair
Dawn Meier, Vice-Chair

Molly Moss, Communications Chair

Need to change or join a chapter? Contact NGMA at [email protected].