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The National Grants Management Association (NGMA) supports over 5,500 professionals across grants management, including supervisory, support, accounting and compliance roles. NGMA provides the education, resources, community and support professionals need to understand grants management guidance; advance professionally and personally; and expand their network.

About NGMA
Membership FAQs

NGMA's Mission: To cultivate a community of excellence in grants management through education, certification, integrity and professional connections.


If your organization has a group of five (5) or more, join at a discounted group rate. 


Types of memberships available:

One-year: $174 | Two-year: $299

GROUP (5-member minimum)
One year: $149/person  | Two-year: $249/person

Complete a membership application by clicking the JOIN NOW button above or in the MEMBERSHIP RATES section below.

If you need assistance, contact us at [email protected] or (202) 308-9443.



$174 (one-year membership) $299 (two-year membership)



$149 per person (one-year membership) $249 per person (two-year membership)

*Group/Agency membership requires that all linked individuals be included on a central invoice, which will be sent to the appointed primary contact. To maintain Group/Agency membership status, organizations must have a minimum of five (5) active individual members. NGMA reserves the right to change membership status to Individual without notice if this minimum is not met.

NGMA memberships are non-refundable.



Q: Is now a good time to join NGMA?

Yes! The grants management landscape has grown exponentially and has been changing rapidly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the federal government issued much-needed COVID relief funds, and, more recently, $1.2 trillion in funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the compliance regulations that came with the funding have created heavier workloads, new challenges and a shift in the way work is completed for grants professionals. Employees working in grants management need a centralized source for training, professional development and networking to ensure efficiency, compliance and success. NGMA is that source.

Q: What if I have restrictions that don’t allow me to outright join NGMA?

Consider purchasing any product or service from NGMA. For example: Register for a webinar. Purchase a GMBoK Guide. Our pricing model for non-members includes an optional one-year individual membership built into the price of all our products and services. While you may opt out of membership (the price does not change if you opt out), this is a simple way to obtain an NGMA membership.

Q: Can I use grants funding to pay for my membership?

Short answer: It depends on the grant. Training and education costs for employee development may be allowable under 2 CFR §200.473. Check your agency’s policies and procedures to determine if signing up for an NGMA webinar or training is an allowable cost.

Q: My organization has several employees who want to join NGMA. Is there a group rate?

Yes! NGMA offers a discounted group/agency membership rate for gro
ups of five (5) or more. Rates and application information can be found in the MEMBERSHIP RATES section.

Q: Is an NGMA membership refundable?

No. NGMA memberships are non-refundable.  

Q: Can a membership be transferred to someone else?

Yes!* If an employee is no longer using their NGMA membership (whether they left the organization or other reasons), the membership may be transferred to another individual

*Please note the requirement that must be met for individual membership transfers. 

Individual Membership -To transfer an individual membership, NGMA must get, or attempt to get, a consent to transfer by the original membership holder via phone or email. Legally, an individual owns a membership, regardless of who paid for it. An active membership cannot be taken away without the individual's consent or providing them the opportunity for legal due process. 

Group Membership - If transferring the membership of someone who is part of an NGMA group membership, a transfer can occur without the original holder's consent. 

Q: Can I get a copy of NGMA's W-9 to pay my invoice?

Yes! Our W-9 may be downloaded HERE



Ready to join our membership of more than 5,000 grants professionals and gain access to training, resources and networking opportunities to help you LEARN, GROW and CONNECT in your profession? Get started today!

If your organization has a group of five (5) or more, join at a discounted group rate.


If you have questions, contact us at [email protected] or (202) 308-9443.