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Click the links below to read blog articles from NGMA members and Corporate Alliance Partnership Program (CAPP) partners. They provide valuable advice and/or best practices tips on key grants management issues. 


Mastering the Art of Leadership and Teamwork
in Grants Management

Vicky Cooper

Key Takeaways on Maximizing Recovery on Your Grants by Leveraging Indirect Cost

Nicolie Lettini

Understanding the Single Audit, Common Pitfalls,
and How to Avoid Them

Claire Hilleary
and Ariel Lybarger

Five Grants Management Systems to Develop to Ensure Success

Robyne Clark

Making an Overwhelming Workload Manageable

Chantelle Carter

Key Takeaways on Procurement Committees Under Federal Awards:
Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Efficiency

Dan Durst
and Sly Atayee
7/26/2023 Now is the Time to Embrace Technology in Grantmaking WizeHive
7/11/2023 Developing Grants Management Capabilities to Sustainably Deliver Long-Term Impact Ranjana Ramchandran,
Greg Kowalski and
Brooke E. Wanlass
6/29/2023 Post-Award Best Practices Kristen Krey
4/3/2023 Creating a Risk-Based Monitoring System: Key Takeaways Tiffany Kesslar and
Maddie Cleghorne
4/3/2023 Grants Management: Career Expectations vs. Reality Emily Beckham
4/3/2023 Once Upon a Grant: Storytelling for Sharing Impact Nicole Togno and
Tim Podkul
3/13/2023 How Does Title VI Apply to My Organization? Mitzi McMahan, Demetria Kourtzidis
2/23/2023 Best Practices for Grants Management Consultants Brian Perez
2/23/2023 Grants Management Challenges Facing Indian Country Sabrina Renteria
1/18/2023 Six Techniques to Finding Grants Management Solutions
within Your Organization
Patrick Ballinger
1/18/2023 Best Practices for Tribal Grants Professionals Sabrina Renteria
1/18/2023 Establishing Trust with Clients as a Grants Management Consultant Kellie Russell
1/18/2023 Grants Management Advice to My Younger Self Lynn Miller
1/18/2023 Finding Proof in Grants Management Procurement Solicitations Mara Ash
11/07/2022 Five Things New Grants Management Specialists Need to Know Kristee Hall
10/26/2022 Plain Writing for Grants Professionals: Four Takeaways Heather Murphy Capps
10/19/2022 Prioritizing Tasks and Managing Deadlines Scott Sweatman
10/18/2022 Communicating Effectively with Non-Grants Managers Emily Judice-Hodges
3/30/2022 Tips for Detecting and Preventing Federal Grant Fraud Management Concepts
It’s My Job to Keep Them Off the Six O’clock News:
Partnering with Stakeholders
Collett Litchard
Amplifund: Inside the Thinking of Federal Reporting Compliance
Yesterday and Today
Adam Roth
Amplifund: The Treasury’s Guidance for State and Local
Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF)
Adam Roth
Four Ways to Get Involved with NGMA Brent Ramsey
5/12/2021 Amplifund: Setting Standards to Achieve Compliance Adam Roth
5/11/2021 Grants Made Simple eCivis
5/4/2021 Management Concepts: What Does Flexibility Mean for Grants Management? Sarah Hluchan
4/22/2021 3 Guides and Playbooks eCivis
4/22/2021 eCivis: 6 Takeaways From the Latest Guidance on the American Rescue Plan Act Francesca El
4/22/2021 How Kansas Effectively Distributed Over $1 Billion in
CARES Act Funding
4/21/2021 Amplifund: Ad Hoc vs. Formal: The Grant Management
Centralization Debate
Adam Roth
4/21/2021 Amplifund: The Key Players in Grant Management Centralization Adam Roth
4/12/2021 Thompson Grants: GAO Seeks Action on 66
COVID-Related Recommendations
Jerry Ashworth
4/12/2021 Management Concepts: Grant Stewardship and Implementation within the American Rescue Plan Sarah Hluchan
3/4/2021 FTLF: Preparing for SBA Questions in the Loan
Forgiveness Review Process

Scott S. Sheffler
Michael B. Glomb
Joseph P. Loman

2/11/2021 How to Assemble a Successful Government Grant Proposal eCivis
2/11/2021 Amplifund: CARES Act Audit Requirements for Tribal Governments Adam Roth
1/22/2021 Helping Montanans through COVID-19 with thoughtful and fast emergency grant management Submittable
1/6/2021 Anchors in Changing Times Management Concepts
1/6/2021 Creating the Conditions for Respectful Conflict Management Concepts
1/6/2021 Effective Inclusion Programs Lead to Long-Term, Sustained Success Management Concepts
1/4/2021 Auditors Role in Grants Management Graduate School USA
11/12/2020 Thompson Grants: Revised Uniform Guidance
Becomes Effective Today
Jerry Ashworth
11/10/2020 Graduate School USA: Assistance and Acquisition: Key Differences from the Perspective of an Acquisition Professional Edward Girovasi
9/30/2020 Thompson Grants: EPA Is First Out of the Gate To Issue Uniform Guidance Exception Updates Jerry Ashworth
9/17/2020 Thompson Grants: Get Your Policies, Procedures Ready Now for Uniform Guidance Revisions Jerry Ashworth
8/17/2020 2020 Compliance Supplement Has been released! Thompson Grants
8/11/2020 Revised Uniform Guidance Set For Release Thompson Grants
7/29/2020 REI System: Modernizing Your Grants Management System Jason McGill
7/15/2020 Top Trends in CARES Act Funding and Federal Grants Management eCivis
7/6/2020 The Freedom Project and The Example It Sets Management Concepts
7/5/2020 NGMA Virtual Summit 2020 Recap Management Concepts
4/29/2020 How Will the Proposed Changes to the Uniform Guidance Affect You? Management Concepts
4/29/2020 Living with Uncertainty Management Concepts
4/17/2020 Thompson Grants Provides Critical COVID-19 Information Thompson Grants
3/16/2020 Join Us in Celebrating International Grant Professionals Day Lauren Souliotis
2/10/2020 Changes from DUNS Number to Unique Entity ID Maria Howeth
11/6/2019 DOT Launches New ROUTES Initiative To Improve
Rural Transportation
Jerry Ashworth
10/16/2019 5 Reasons to Join Your Professional
Grants Management Association – NGMA!
Gail Remy