NGMA Welcomes New CAPP Partner, Salesforce!

Salesforce transforms the way departments, agencies, and their community of contractors meet the unique demands of today’s constituent and more effectively deliver on their mission. With the innovation of the Customer 360 for Government, Salesforce is helping government strengthen public trust. The FedRAMP-authorized Salesforce Government Cloud Plus - the world’s #1 enterprise cloud, built for government – gives stakeholders the mobile, self-service tools they need to connect data, process, and people while also reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional IT.

Q. What does Salesforce do in public sector?

Salesforce is the enterprise cloud computing leader dedicated to helping companies and government agencies transform into connected organizations through social and mobile technologies. The company’s trusted cloud platform is creating a connected experience for more than 3,500 government agencies worldwide.

With the world’s leading cloud platform, Salesforce is freeing government data from legacy systems, empowering citizens, and connecting agencies to administer government in powerful new ways. Government agencies are using Salesforce solutions for a multitude of functions including vaccine management, case management, grants management, constituent communications and correspondence management, 311, call/contact center management, outreach programs, learning management, volunteer management, project/program management, and even donor management, among numerous others.

Q. What is your vision on Grants Management for the public sector?

Salesforce is the #1 CRM, bringing government organizations and citizens/constituents together in the digital age. Salesforce Grants 360 is our vision for how we help public sector customers with their digital transformations. With Grants 360, you have a single view of grants’ and recipients’ data on an integrated CRM platform powered by AI across the grants lifecycle. Community building and collaboration is much easier, so both grantors and grantees can work together or amongst themselves to build lasting, trusted relationships and deliver the secure, intelligent, personalized experiences to further create mission impacts. 

Q. What is your experience in supporting grants management?

Salesforce is thrilled to be part of the Grants ecosystem and many agencies in federal, state & local and non-profit organizations use our software across the grants management lifecycle that brings automation, efficiencies and insights to all the constituents involved and further help deliver accountability and transparency.
Salesforce is committed to a set of core values—trust, customer success, innovation, and equality of every human being. To that end, we are proud to give dedicated focus in our capabilities over some of the pressing challenges in health, social, environmental domains, etc., that need grants to solving them and improve the welfare of citizens.

Q. What should we know about your grants management solution?

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform is a secure, scalable platform for managing all relationships and interactions. With a 360-degree view of grants/grantors/grantees, our Grants Management solution provides the foundation government agencies need to create seamless support across modern, digital channels and streamline processes.

  • Rapid Innovation and Scalability: With a flexible and extensible no-code platform that can be easily customized with clicks, develop grants management solutions with Salesforce to fit your giving strategy now and in the future.

  • Digital Engagement and Relationship Tracking: Solicit and process grant applications online with branded applicant and external reviewer portals. Automatically vet applications with customized steps and real-time verification.

  • Federated Agency Front Door with SSO and advanced capabilities to grants community building, collaboration knowledge management and technical assistance

  • Mobility and Workflow Automation: Leverage the Salesforce 360-degree Constituent View to easily collaborate across departments on grant application reviews, validation, and approvals. Automate workflows and connect your team and data on one platform — from any device — so everyone can see application status at any time.

  • Real-Time Reporting and Seamless Integration: Streamline the reporting process by collecting and managing grantee progress reports online. Measure your impact on core issue areas with robust reporting and dashboards that aggregate data across grant portfolios.

The Salesforce Platform facilitates complete, comprehensive grant program management throughout the entire lifecycle.

Q. What are some of the differentiators of Salesforce solution?

Gartner named Salesforce as the leader in their 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-code Application platforms.
Public Sector Solutions for Grants Management allows government to:

  • Create a digital-first approach to application intake through ongoing services
  • Use a single system to manage stakeholders and funding programs
  • Streamline grants lifecycle from start to finish with modern collaboration tools
  • Increase transparency and accountability for both grant-makers and grant-seekers with real-time reporting

Our pre-built grants app provides a grants-specific data model, fundseeker starter portal, dynamic forms for grant application forms and required post-award submissions, assessment/audit functionality, as well as capabilities to track funding programs, funding requests, disbursements, requirements, and funding request roles.  Further our solution has out of the box abilities to many distinct requirements from app intake to reporting and visualizing integrated comprehensive dashboards. This also includes generating various application and reporting templates towards standardization and broader community adoption that in turn with conducting audits easily.

Q. How can NGMA’s Members connect with you?

For more information on Salesforce, Please visit our website