NGMA Welcomes New CAPP Partner, OmniStar!



NGMA Welcomes New CAPP Partner, OmniStar!

Q. What do you love about grants management?

We love the impact that grants can deliver. The OmniStar team set out over 15 years ago to transform lives with technology that makes a difference. That vision and purpose still underpins what we do today and is at the heart of what we love about grants management. Today we are honored to play our part in solving some of the most challenging health, social, technological, and environmental problems faced by mankind.

We bring rich grants management IP developed in close collaboration with world leading grantor organizations. We are proud of the fact that the contribution we make each day delivers positive social impact and we are equally proud of the impact we have assisted organizations to achieve through smart, simple and more secure grant management solutions.

Q. What would you like to know about OmniStar Grants?

Redefining Grants: OmniStar redefines grants as we know it with simple yet intelligent, user – enabled, best-practice solutions that are purpose built for federal, state, county, philanthropic, and community organizations. Built in consultation with grantor and grantee industry leaders over the last 15 years, OmniStar is a highly configurable, next generation grants management platform providing complete life-cycle transparency, efficiency, and accountability, reducing the resourcing and cost of grant giving and grant seeking.

Compliance: The US grants landscape is dotted with compliance complexity and OmniStar is well suited to ensure grantors and grantees meet federal, state and local compliance guidelines from the get-go with regulatory (OMD) and security (FedRAMP) standards incorporated into the platform, every step of the way.

Next -generation reporting: OmniStar Grants empowers users to make better decisions, more confidently with flexible real – time reporting capabilities and business intelligence, to allow users to get out of the weeds, and quickly access holistic and interactive data to enable confident decisions. Taking reporting to the next level with Microsoft PowerBI, we employ next – generation reporting technology for data – driven outcomes. The beauty lies within the fact that your data is accessible, without you needing to unlock individual silos. We do all the hard work for you, allowing you to access hundreds of data visualizations, with pre-built and custom connectors. OmniStar helps you find and share meaningful insights when you need them.

Q. What is a surprising fact about OmniStar?

Did you know that OmniStar Grants’ actually meets GARTNER ‘best-practice’ guidelines? Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has developed a model for best practice grants management. OmniStar’s configuration matches this model exactly, from application submission through to acquittal and project closure. Whether from the point of view of executives, grant program designers, grant policy makers or grant administration teams, and from government agencies to corporates, SME’s and not-for-profits, OmniStar gets grant managements right by setting the standard on how grants’ solutions should support grant management processes, ensuring decisions can be informed by real facts in real time.

Truly configurable to suit a wide range of organizational needs, OmniStar Grants has been successfully implemented for a varying range of use cases, supporting organizations from 2 to 2000 users. We are very proud to say that since our SaaS product launched, 93% of our clients are still using it to this day.

Q. How can NGMA’s Members connect with you?

If you are interested in learning more about our grants management platform, please visit our website.

We are offering all NGMA partners 50% off OmniStar Grants for a limited time. Discover how OmniStar Grants, can revolutionize the way you manage your grants, today!

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