Member-Get-a-Member Campaign

  Campaign Code: MGM20    Campaign Timeline: June 1 – March 31, 2021  


THE National Grants Management Association (NGMA)
is recognized throughout the grants management community as THE membership association leader providing tools and resources for grants professionals to support and maintain high levels of grants management competency and to establish standards of excellence for grants managers. As a member, you know the value NGMA membership has had in your professional career as well.

The MGM20 program is your opportunity to share the value of NGMA membership with your colleagues. Not only can you take pride in supporting your professional association, but you can also earn awards on qualifying referrals who join.



September 2020 Member-Get-A-Member
Recruiter of the Month Winner

Carmen Mely Torres

On Point Strategy, LLC, Coamo, PR

You could be next month’s winner!


What’s In It for Me?

  1. Expand your network of grants management professionals

  2. Strengthen all grants managers

  3. Help other succeed in their careers

  4. Receive recognition for your recruitment effort


How It Works?

  • Recruit.  Invite colleagues to join NGMA

  • Refer.  Once your referrals join, have them list your name in the “Referred by” line on the intake form

  • Reward.  Chance to win the grand prize, Annual Grants Training Registration Package: Registration & Hotel Accommodations ($1,200 savings | 3 nights at the headquarters hotel)


Recruiter Rewards
Recruit new members and earn rewards!

  • Monthly Prize Drawing: Each month, NGMA will hold a drawing and reward one recruiter each month with $25 NGMA bucks.  Winners will be announced in the Weekly Update Newsletter.

  • Year-end Prizes: At the end of the campaign, additional prizes will be awarded if you:

    • Recruit one member:  Recruiter names will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a two-year membership.

    • Recruit three (or more) members: Chance to win $100 NGMA bucks.

    • Recruit five (or more) members:  You will be entered for a chance to win the grand prize Annual Grants Training Package.


Recruitment Tips:

  1. Invite a prospective colleague/student to attend an NGMA event or chapter meeting to experience first-hand the professional benefits of NGMA membership.

  2. Start a discussion about NGMA membership, emphasizing the benefits and value; be sure to provide a brochure.

  3. Share announcements of NGMA chapter meetings, webinars and trainings.

  4. When discussing membership with a prospect, listen for clues as to what they look for in a professional association. Stress those member benefits that meet their needs.

  5. Take the time to say thanks. Send them a short message thanking them for considering NGMA membership and supporting the profession. 


Program Rules & Eligibility:

  1. All NGMA members in good standing are eligible.

  2. New members that are recruited cannot have been NGMA members within the past 12 months.

  3. You are officially credited when your name appears in the “Referred by” section of the MGM20 intake form.

  4. Members may refer an unlimited number of eligible referrals during the campaign year, which runs from June 2020 – March 2021.

MGM awards for the 2020 membership year (recruiting activity from June 1 through March 31, 2021) will be sent by April 2, 2021 to the email address on your member record. Please ensure your email address is up to date in your profile to ensure you receive this notification and other important membership information. ​

Your MGM20 award may only be used by you and cannot be transferred

For more information, contact [email protected]