Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS)




About CGMS

The Certified Grants Management Specialist (
CGMS) designation was developed by NGMA to provide an industry credential that elevates professional standards, enhances individual performance and designates professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of grants management. Having the CGMS credential shows formal recognition of professional competency in the full lifecycle of grants management.

NGMA membership is not a requirement to take the CGMS Exam.  Although the exam is administered by NGMA, the CGMS designation stands on its own.

Are You Prepared?

The CGMS credential indicates that you have the required knowledge of all the requirements of federal grants, as well as keeping up with continuing professional education. Over 250 professionals have earned the CGMS credential. Become a member of this elite group and stand out among your peers! Get started below:

Visit our Candidate Management System HERE
to apply for the Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) Exam
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Certification Pricing


Practice Test

Practice Test
(40 questions)

FREE one-time use with
purchase of CGMS Exam

CGMS Exam Fee
(includes non-refundable $75 application fee)

$500 CGMS Exam Fee for NGMA members
$674 CGMS Exam Fee for non-members
(includes optional one-year NGMA membership; 
price does not change if you opt out of membership)

CGMS Exam Retake Fee
(For those who do not pass the exam on the first try and wish to retest after a 90- day waiting period)

$175 CGMS Exam Retake Fee for NGMA members
$250 CGMS Exam Retake Fee for nonmembers
CGMS Recertification Fee
$299 CGMS Recertification Fee
(three-year renewal) for NGMA members

$473 CGMS Recertification Fee
(includes optional one-year NGMA membership;
price does not change if you opt out of membership)

(three-year renewal) for non-members



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There are so many great benefits to being an NGMA member, including the monthly trainings, AGT and all of the connections made through participating. However, the most valuable benefit for me has been the CGMS. As an increasingly reputable certification, the CGMS has helped to propel my professional career, and open many new doors for me.” 

- Brent Ramsey, CGMS