2024 AGT Breakout Sessions Sneak Peek

Preview of Confirmed 2024 Annual Grants Training 
Breakout Session Titles

More session titles will be added as they are confirmed.

The full agenda, including course descriptions, dates, times and speaker information
will be published in December 2023.


  A Department of One: Tips and Tools to Enable Solo Grants  
  Administrators to Navigate and Streamline Productivity  
  Assessing and Improving Equity in Grant Management and Program Development  
  Addressing Fraud Risk in Government Grant Programs
  Addressing the $247 Billion Elephant: Fraud Prevention and Improper Payment Remediation in the Grants Community  
  Allocation Methodology: A Reflection on Cost Allocation  
  Be Audit You Can Be: Using the Annual OMB Single Audit Compliance Supplement  
  Broadband: The New Kid On The Block--Takin' It Step By Step  
  Building and Maintaining a Best Practices Model of Grants Management and Compliance  
  Buy and Comply: Successfully Navigating the Federal Procurement Standards  
  Congratulations, You Received a Grant. Now What?  
  Data Analytics and Emerging Trends in Grant Fraud and Other Compliance Issues  
  Discover, Design and Deliver: Building an Internal Controls Grant Monitoring System  
  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging for Grants Management  
  Equity and the Increasingly Significant Role It is Playing in Grants: How to Get on Board and Succeed in Getting Awards  
  Equity in Grants: It All Starts with Data  
  Ethical Challenges in Grants Management: Risks and Opportunities  
  Ethics- It SHOULD Be the Easiest Part of Our Job  
  Everything Everywhere All at Once: How to Be a Successful Solo Grants Manager  
  Exploring the Revisions to the Uniform Guidance  
  Federal Financial Reporting 101:  How to succeed in SF-425 reporting
  Federally Supported Property: Why You Should be Interested in the Federal Interest Now More Than Ever  
  Financial Reporting (SF-425)  
  From Concept to Reality: Establishing a Centralized Grants Management Office  
  From Neural Networks to Networked Funding: AI Meets Grants  
  Future of Grants: The Role of Advanced Analytics and AI in Grants Management  
  Getting Googled! Subrecipient Monitoring Using the Google Suite  
  Getting to the Finish Line - Strategies for Grant Closeout  
  How to Manage the Disaster After the Disaster--A Grant Management Perspective  
  I'm a Grant Manager, why do I care about financial concepts?  
  Implementing and Adopting a Grants Management System: The State of Rhode Island's Experience  
  Indirect Costs - Exploring the Dawn of a New Day  
  Infrastructure Projects and Recent Changes to Grants Management Requirements--What Funders and Awardees Need to Know  
  Keep Calm and Closeout Strong: Award Closeout Requirements and Best Practices
  Making Sense of your Data: How Grantmaking Intelligence and Impact Measurement Help Improve Decision Making  
  Matchmaking: Finding & Tracking Matching Funds in Federal Grants-
Measuring Program Outcomes
  Mastering the Art of Subrecipient Monitoring  
  Navigating Grants Management: Essential Tips for Early Career Success  
  One Size Does Not Fit All - Subawarding Federal Funds to Inexperienced Partners: Challenges and Opportunities  
  Purpose-Driven Grant Administration  
  Rent, Utilities, and Printing, Oh My!: Distributing Direct Costs Shared by Multiple Funding Sources  
  Secret in the Sauce? Data. Using Data to Identify Compliance Risks  
  Spotting Red Flags: Preventing and Detecting Fraud in Grant Funding
  Strategies to Building a Team of New Grant Managers  
  Subrecipient and Contractor Monitoring  
  The Indirect Rate DEBATE! De minimis or negotiate?  
  Three Years After COVID-19 Grant Awards: Preparing for Audits and Investigations  
  Transitioning a Grants Management Team from Subrecipient to Prime Recipient  
  Using AI as a Vehicle for Equity in the Grants World  
  Unlocking Success: Mastering the Art of Leadership and Teamwork in Grants Management  
  We Saved You a Seat: Becoming the Federal Disaster Grant Procurement Expert Your Team Can't Do Without  
  When the Music Stops: The Consequences of Funding Termination Under Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements  
  Why Do I Certify? Time and Effort - the Report That Can Cost You Millions!